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Wookey Films Inc. is an Aboriginally-owned production company specializing in documentary and non-fiction television programming. WF also provides Creative and Execution on promotional and commercial video work for TV and web.

Officially launched in 2012, Wookey films looks to produce films from a young and modern perspective, drawing from a set of polished, veteran-level talents to bring stories and messages to the screen that inspire and engage.

Co-owned by Franco-Métis siblings Janelle and Jérémie, the two believe their creative talents stem from a bloodline laced thick with the richness and resilience of the Franco-Métis, whose joyous nature and passion for storytelling and artistic expression has secured their continued survival as a people.

My people will sleep for one hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back.

-Louis Riel


Jérémie and Janelle Wookey are a Franco-Métis brother-sister filmmaking team born and raised in the Canadian prairies. At ages 8 and 10, their first collaboration, “Hostages”, was an edge-of-your-seat short-fiction about the murder of the American President’s son, Jimmy, perpetrated by a jealous Vice President. All three characters, masterfully portrayed by Jérémie in a series of cheap, disheveled wigs.

That blockbuster was followed by a long series of short films, both fiction and documentary (with the occasional experimental venture), mostly starring themselves and their miserable poodle, Simba.

After years of refining their craft, their big break came in 2008, when their independent documentary, ‘Mémére Métisse’ premiered on opening night of the ImagineNATIVE Film Festival in Toronto and aired on CBC, Radio-Canada and APTN. They’ve since produced and directed short docs for CBC’s ’8th Fire’, a Canadian Screen Award-nominated cross-platform project and most recently worked on a summer variety TV series, hosted by Janelle, for Radio-Canada.

The two have also accrued a combined 7 years of experience in Winnipeg’s CBC/Radio-Canada newsroom, both working as shooter-editors and Janelle as French Weather Specialist as well.

Meet the team

  • Janelle Wookey

  • Co-founder / Producer

Producer, Writer, Director, On-air Personality

  • Jérémie Wookey

  • Co-founder / Producer

Producer, Director of Photography, Designer

  • Annick Marion

  • Producer / French Content Supervisor

Producer, Writer, Art Director

  • Casey Gibb

  • Producer / Manager

Producer, Writer, Business Manager